Apple’s WWDC event is on folks and this year promises to be the biggest ever. The company is set to announce all sorts of super cool goodies at WWDC’17 and is kicking off the event with new additions to the Apple Watch. First up along the line is the Siri Watch Face.

Okay, I know it sounds super cool and trust me, it actually is. The Siri Watch Face is a brand new watch face that works kind of like how Google cards work — automatically bringing up information that the watch thinks you need. This includes travel information and other details Siri feels is worthy of your attention based upon your routine and habits.

There are a lot of third party integrations as well. So for instance, if the Siri watch face detects that you are going to a movie tonight through your conversations, it will automatically bring your tickets to the forefront from the app you used to book them.

A bunch of new watch faces have also been introduced, including Woody, Jessie, and Buzz from Toy Story.

The Activity application is one of the most used ones on the Apple Watch and it is now gaining a slew of new capabilities. For instance, the app will now be able to call out to you by your name and will also help you reach fitness goals it sets for you by offering words of encouragement. Similarly, swimming-detection has been improved and the app now automatically detects your sets along with then you pause at the edge of the pool. This enables the watch to automatically time and create laps.

WatchOS 4 seems to lay a lot of emphasis on workouts. An Apple Watch that has been updated to the latest version of the operating system can be connected to compatible gym equipment. So basically, your device will be able to communicate with and collect data from treadmills and the sort. Partners include Life Fitness, Cybex, Schwinn, Startrac, and StairMaster.

You will also be able to chose a playlist that automatically stats playing as soon as you start sweating it out in the gym.

There is a new flashlight mode coming with WatchOS 4 as well. This particular mode will enable you to use your device as an emergency flasher in case of emergencies.

Finally, native core bluetooth will come to all Apple Watches once WatchOS 4 starts hitting them. All Watches will be eligible to release the operating system for free once it is released in the fall. The developer preview on the other hand, will start shipping today itself.

Well, overall a nice update I would say. Not over the top, but there is plenty to look forward to. Stay tuned for more news from the WWDC.

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