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Apple’s developer extravaganza WWDC 2017 is currently underway and the Cupertino giant kicked off the keynote address with the announcement of upgrades coming to Apple TV. And it seems like there is one significant addition to the platform today. Proving the speculations right, Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage announced that Amazon is finally coming to Apple TV.

Yes, as we reported earlier last month, Cupertino has today announced its latest partnership to further build on the very extensive library of video content available on Apple TV. It might seem surprising to see Cook market the video shows like The Mozart in the Jungle, Falling Water, and other Amazon exclusive productions but the change has finally happened.

Amazon Prime Video will now become your latest TV show obsession in addition to Netflix, thanks to the hansome libarary of video content the e-commerce giant has been producing over the past few years. It seems Cook and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have reached a business agreement and we could see Apple’s TV set-top box, which is a competitor to Fire TV, returning to the e-tailer’s platform. It was kicked off the platform way back in order to protect one another from competition.

This will be a significant partnership for both technology giants as one opens a consumer-focused opportunity for the other. Apple will benefit from more viewing time spent on Apple TV and its set-top box being available on Amazon’s platform. And Amazon will also benefit with the same as Netflix continues to breath down its neck with over 100 million subscribers and a humongous library of original shows. It will be important to witness how this partnership pans out in the coming weeks (or possibly months).

Will the Cupertino giant one day introduce Alexa as a significant voice assistant on its platform? I wish it does if Siri doesn’t become very capable today. It has been lagging behind and Apple now needs to buck up to regain the respect it has lost in the burgeoning AI voice assistant space. Comment on your thoughts down below.

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