LG is supposedly releasing the LG G6 Plus and G6 Pro by the end of June. Both these handsets are expected to first be launched in South Korea, home of the company. This news was first seen on South Korean news site ET News, although there is no official source for the information.

Ken Hong, LG’s senior global director of communications has stated regarding the release,

We can’t confirm or deny what we haven’t announced yet but what I can say is that we are definitely interested in expanding our product offerings to include more options for customers who are asking for different features

The models are expected to differ from the LG G6 in terms of hardware and pricing. The G6 Plus is expected to have 128 GB which is double of the previous model and is estimated to be priced at 999,000 won (~$890), which is higher than the G6 price which stands at 899,800 won (~$800).

The G6 Pro is speculated to have 32 GB storage and be priced at 790,000 won (~$700). According to the initial report by ETnews, the specs for the Pro remain the same as the G6 and there are no other details on how the phones may differ from each other. Another, however, suggests that the Pro will not support wireless charging.

Both, the LG G6 Pro and the LG G6 Plus are expected to have the same display, RAM, and Snapdragon 821 processor.

While this is the first time LG is releasing multiple versions of one flagship phone under different names, it is not completely new as the phone manufacturer has released the G6 in different markets with different features.

The two new handsets are expected to go on sale by the end of June with the three biggest South Korean carriers and will be made available to the global population at a later date.

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