Last week, Amazon’s live TV service debuted in the UK and select European countries. The service enables Amazon Prime members to add channel subscriptions for a low monthly fee. It seemed to be cost-effective for the users, as the subscriptions are available individually. So, they need not sign up for a bundle altogether or enter a lengthy contract.

However, it is turning out to become a costly affair. As per a report by the Financial Times, users are now required to pay the TV licence fee, apart from the two other charges to access the available broadcasters. Even though BBC channels aren’t available, Amazon offers broadcasters including ITV, Eurosport, and Discovery. UK laws have made it an obligation for users of live television to purchase a licence, even if it is streamed over the internet like Prime.

Therefore, users will pay £147 annual licence fee, Amazon’s subscription £7.99 a month or £79 annually, and an added fee for each channel they wish to watch. The cost of channels lies between £1.49 to £9.49 per month.

Amazon confirmed this in a statement saying customers would “need a licence fee to watch live TV programmes, including through Amazon Channels”. It added this requirement is outlined on the Amazon Channels online help page as well.

When the service was launched, its pricing served as a major selling point against the traditional TV service providers. But this update might influence the decision of those who are considering to switch to online service from the pay-TV providers.

The subscription TV service via the existing Prime Video app to watch anytime through the Amazon Video app on smart TVs, iOs, and Android mobile devices.

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