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The search giant announced some significant feature additions to Google Photos at its annual I/O developer conference earlier this month. One of these extends to the users the ability to create physical ‘Photo Books’ using their photo gallery. The functionality was previously only available on the desktop browser but is now also rolling out on mobile — both Android and iOS.

While the said feature has been spotted in the wild by select users in Canada, Google mentions that the feature to create Photo Books has only been made available in the United States at this moment. There is presently no word on wider availability of this feature.

With the extension of Photo Books to mobile, one can simply review the photo album of your favorite images — created by the uber smart AI integrated into Google Photos — before placing an order for the same. As for the prices, you’re provided with two quite different alternatives — softcover 7-inch square book and hardcover 9-inch square book. The former carries a $9.99 price tag and the latter will run you down by $19.99.

Both of these physical photo books contain twenty pages but can be expanded upon by paying extra to add more pages to the same. It will cost you 35 cents to add a soft-cover page whereas a hardcover page will cost you 65 cents.

In addition to Photo Books, which is a physical aspect of Google Photos, the search giant has also announced two much significant software features as well. There are suggested sharing and shared libraries. The former has already started making an appearance for some and allows you to share albums suggested by Google Photos’ AI based on the faces recognized in a photograph. The latter, on the other hand, syncs two Google Photo albums with one another to make photos clicked from either device available on the other one. A handy feature for family and couples.

All these features, along with other Google AI-powered solutions, are expected to roll out to consumers and developers in the next few weeks. So stay tuned for more updates!

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