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Google is now selling a 55-inch whiteboard with pen and touch support. The device offers a sharp, 4k resolution and companion apps for bth iOS and Android platform — though you will need to shell out a hefty $4,999 to grace your offices with its presence.

So, the whiteboard does not offer search option and beyond the 4K resolution and companion apps, it is pretty standard. With that said though, Google is clearly serious about selling it on scale and the product is significantly more than something it came up with and is selling simply for the heck of it.

The search engine giant already has a presence among enterprises that is driven by its software offerings, including the G-suite. The Jamboard as it is bing called,has already been tested with prominent Google clients and you can trust the company to leverage its reach among industries to leverage sales.

Along with the one off $5,000 the company will make per pop, the support and management for the Jamboard will also cost you anywhere between $300 to  $600. And if you want to access Google drive files on it, you will need another G-suite plan. So you see, this can be a real money-spinner for Google which could be why, the company sees to be taking it this seriously.

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