Facebook’s live feature is receiving a slew of brand new social abilities. The company made a few announcements today, according to which the Live Videos feature will now play host to features like Live Chat with Friends and Live With. These new features are basically  Facebook’s attempts to ensure that the communication that takes place around live videos is more meaningful.

Okay, so in case you have ever gone live or watched a live video by someone even slightly well known on Facebook, you must have noticed the huge amount of comments and reactions they receive. Indeed, the number is so high that it is often impossible to keep track of them in real time. Videos with 50,000 views often get 30,000 comments, which makes it practically impossible to interact with everyone.

With the update, you can now create a private chatroom and put random people or any of your friends that are watching your live video, inside it. This way, users can have control over the chats and folks broadcasting the live videos can actually see and respond the queries of a limited audience. You can easily jump between the global and private chat.

The next feature Facebook is rolling out is Live With. Available for celebs earlier, this feature allows you to go live with a buddy side by side. You can then hold conversations, engage in debate, practically whatever! The feature is kind of like holding a video call, only with a huge audience of it. It could lead to several interesting possibilities, including serious debates, and friends just bitching at each other. Either way, the feature is certain to give some brand new live video ideas to folks working on creating them.

While Live With is already open to all users rocking an iOS device, Live With Friends is slated for a roll out near the summer.

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