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Researchers have discovered a brand new Malware that also goes after the same vulnerability WannaCry brought to the fore. However, this particular malware is as dangerous as WannaCry, without sharing any of the latter’s weaknesses. The malware is called as EternalRocks.

Similar to WannaCry, EternalRock deploys a NSA tool refereed to as EternalBlue. However, it uses that particular tool to simply jump from this computer to the next. It also deploys tools like EternalChampion, EternalRomance, and DoublePulsar to achieve its ends.

The most interesting thing about EternalRocks is the fact that it doesn’t have any malicious code as of now. So you can just sit quietly and enjoy your coffee. However, what it does have is the ability to deploy any of the computers infected by it through remote code execution. What’s more, it is unaffected by the kill switch that was discovered for WannaCry.

There is nothing to suggest that the malware has already spread. However, there is plenty of evidence that the leaked NSA tools are being put to use, creating new malwares against which out police and cyber security cells will eventually find themselves fighting.

WannaCry was probably just the start of what these hackers are capable of doing, and if EternalRocks is any indication, there is worse to come yet.

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