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Amazon’s Echo Look is pretty cool. The device allows you to take selfies, record short videos and basically look at yourself without having to resort to mirrors. Today, the company has launched a companion app for iOS and Android devices that will allow folks to do things  like take pictures, compare styles and so on and so forth.

The Amazon Echo Look app first came out around a month ago, along side the device. Came out here, means ‘announce’ and it is only now that the app is being introduced to various app stores and so on. The app works alongside Amazon’s Echo Look, which at $200, allows you to take pictures, record videos, and do everything else that a regular Alexa powered device (Say Echo or Tap) would do.

The app also offers support for Style Check, wherein machine learning and human experts are leveraged on your behalf to help you chose that perfect dress for the party. The feature was already available on Amazon’s app under “Outfit Compare” however, Echo Look makes it way more real time and relevant.

Amazon can derive a host of benefits from the app. First, it can use it to save all the pictures users can taking and then use the pictures to figure out what kind of clothes people actually like wearing. Next, it can offer people advice upon choosing things to go with their clothes and even offer them special deals via the Echo Look companion app. There is another big, potential revenue stream right there.

For now though, you can use the app to take full length selfies that can be flaunted on social media. Download the for iOS and Android via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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