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What is a YouTube creator’s greatest fantasy? Why to hear the voice of the people commenting on his/her videos of course. That seems to be Google’s assessment as the company pulls the drapes off a brand new feature wherein creators will be able to voice chat with commentors in VR.

The feature was announced at the ongoing I/O conference. Th voice chat will take place through shared rooms where users will be able to chat via voice. Well, knowing humans, these rooms have the potential to descend into chaos pretty quickly. So it will be interesting to see how Google is planning to surmount that roadblock. Even if there are moderator and they have the ability to kick people out or ban them, how do you know who is speaking in a room where there are a dozen people speaking at the same time.

This makes me think that these YouTube voice chats will be more private affairs with the creator of a channel able to choose who he wants to chat with.  Or since everyone will be in their avatar form, there could be a way in which the voices could be attached to their avatars and creators could thus keep track of who is speaking at a certain point of time.

As for how the system works, it will likely be similar to how Oculus’s chat rooms work. You will be able to enter a 360-degree immersible environment and talk about the things you have seen (literally as the topic will mostly center around YouTube videos!). Meanwhile, the company will have to make provisions for ensuring that spam is kept to a minimum.

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