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If you had an app and you could display it prominently in one place over the Internet, where would that be? The Google Play Homepage of course. And so now you can. Google has announced a change to its platform policy that will allow developers to place advertisements on Google Play Home and the app listings page.

All of these advertisements are an expansion of the company’s previously announced “Universal Ad Campaigns” program, which see to make advertising simpler across across all of the company’s properties across the Internet. While this more prominently features YouTube, the AdMob network and of course, Adsense — the Google Play Homepage and app listings are some of the best pages to feature your app across the Internet.

These particulars are designed to reach customers while they are looking to install something new. So basically, you know the time when you are bored to tears and scroll randomly through the Play Store looking for things to kill time with? Yup. Considering that Android has over 2 Billion active devices, that is a huge potential audience that spans most of the planet.

Along with new advertising real-estate, Google also announced that it has expanded the smart bidding options. These options will allow developers to specifically target the audience they want to reach. So, say you want to reach users who have already been following you, or who spend more money within in-app purchases, well you can target them.

Devs can also make sure that their bids for ads are specifically tailored for their goals. So, if you want to look at goals like target cost per acquisition (tCPA) or target return on ad spend (tROAS), the service makes provisions for that as well. The service is rolling out to both Android as well as iOS developers in the coming months.

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