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Google Assistant is getting seriously better. Today at its I/O event, the company announced that it is adding a slew of new features to the service. What’s more, the assistant will soon become a better talker as well, and be able to talk to you over text via your smartphone.

Announcing the new features Google said that you will now be able to schedule appointments and add reminders through Google Home. That is not the most impressive thing though and you will also be able to access the same via either your smart speaker, or your smartphone. How? Well, it is the same Google Assistant after all.

Google is also rolling out free hands-free voice calls to mobile phones and landlines in the US and Canada. You don’t need absolutely any other setup or any other fees. Simply ask Google Assistant nicely.

And since we now support multiple people on one Google Home, your Assistant can make sure that you call your mom—not your partner or roommate’s mom!

Google also said that users will be able to use potify’s free music offering, as well as Soundcloud and Deezer, with Google Home. Also coming is Bluetooth support so that if you want to play audio from your iOS ot Android device, well you can! The company also reiterated the fact that Netflix was already supported via Google Assistant and it was adding support for more partners like HBO NOW, CBS All Access, and HGTV.

Visual Responses!

Feel like seeing what the Google Assistant is talking about? Not to worry. Starting later this year, you will be able to see Google Assistant’s answers on your TV with Chromecast. This includes asking the Assistant to play YouTube or display your calender.

Google is also bringing proactive notifications to Google Home. Interestingly enough, this announcement comes mere days after Amazon announced that it was going to do something similar with Alexa. And if you are tired of yelling at the Assistant, you can also type to it on phone and have it respond to you just the same.

Finally, Google announced that it is expanding the Google Assistant to new locations across the world, later this year.

Later this year people in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan will be able to give Google Home a try. Soon the Assistant will also roll out to eligible Android phones in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Japanese, and by the end of the year the Assistant will support Italian, Korean and Spanish.


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