Apple had announced its plans to open the first-ever retail store of Southeast Asia in Singapore way back in 2015. After a long hiatus, we finally have the official opening date of the store – May 27th.

The store has been under construction for nearly two years. Yesterday, around midnight, the workers pasted a facade revealing the opening details, the company’s website also has the same details.

The store will open its gates at 10:00 am and is referred to as Apple Orchard Road owing to its location. It is expected to occupy 4 floors of the Knightsbridge Shopping Complex, from the basement to the third floor. It will have Apple products and accessories for sale. Also, it will have, as Apple calls them-  the Geniuses, the technical staff who will be exclusively deal with repairing and troubleshooting of the products.

Apple Orchard Road will also host various sessions under the Today at Apple initiative, which launches across all its retail stores this week. It has launched a website with the same name where which allows customers to view and sign-up for the available courses. The stores will be focussing on offering free workshops and creative help to the users. The educational sessions are expected to host in-depth training on how the company’s devices and products could be used.

There’s one more first the Cupertino giant will achieve with the opening of this store. Apple will be the first company to run its store exclusively on renewable energy – solar energy, to be precise. Not only this, its corporate office at One North is completely powered by solar energy as well. As per Apple’s website, they are 100 percent renewable in 24 countries where it operates, and also all of Apple’s data centers. Singapore-based solar energy provider Sunseap Group is rendering the services of the solar rooftop installations for Apple’s Singapore operations.

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