Going to work and not being able to ping your co-workers the latest meme could surely be frustrating. The tech professionals were faced with a similar situation when their favorite enterprise messaging app, Slack, went offline for an hour due to a DDoS attack. It was not only a single user, but most users were experiencing problems connecting to the platform.

This slumped service right at the crack of dawn was also acknowledged by the company on its status page:

We’re seeing reports of degraded service for users. Symptoms include being unable to load the app or it not loading fully. We’re looking into it as we speak, we’re very sorry for the disruption.

To make even more techies, who’re usually active on Twitter aware of the problem, Slack tweeted that it was aware of the issue and is working to resolve the same.

Since the most prominent communication app for enterprises went offline or was loading at a snail’s speed, their work came to a definite standstill. The couldn’t move to other platforms because of the ease, so they decided to wait out the downtime — which was about an hour long. Here are people tweeting until Slack was rebooted after the attack:

Some even looked up from their own Slack channels to mock the startup community:

At 6:57 am PST, Slack updated its status page to make the users aware that the service was back up and running. The company has stated that their servers were hit with a massive DDoS, which eventually disrupted the service most of its enterprise users. The update shared on the status page is as under:

Our CDN provider was undergoing a DDoS attack and our team has been able to route around it. We’re happy to share that you should now be able to connect to Slack as normal. Thank you for your patience while we worked on this!

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