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Apple may be considering purchasing half a block of land in the city of Reno in a bid to set up a brand new facility. The news come after Apple decided to set up a data center in Reno, spending $50 million in the process.

City records clearly show that Apple was originally considering leasing land, however, it is now turning its attention that involves the Cupertino giant purchasing the land instead and constructing a facility. The facility would be contained withing a massive, 30,000 square feet building and would serve as the company’s purchasing and leasing facility.

The new facility could be located in Washoe County’s Tessera Tourism district. Half a block of land has actually been singled out and is located on the southeast side of E 6th St and Evans Ave. There are restaurants and shops in the area but Apple’s planned construction will likely take place on an unused patch of land.

Th data center has actually been under discussion since 2012. Christened Project Isabel, it will be a 372,893 square foot data center valued at $50,720,906. Reno City Council is expected to start discussing the sale and the construction of a new facility on the 10th of May. We will keep you updated.

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