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Two consecutive leaks in one day, it’s all about the touchscreen Amazon Echo hype. Earlier in the day, we reported that Amazon is gearing up to release an Echo device with a built-in display quite soon. The leaked image of this Echo device making rounds of the interwebs was grainy and undermining. Hence, the Jedi master of leaksters jumped in to help out with the same.

Evan Blass, popularly known in the tech world as @evleaks, has provided us with a high-resolution image for the black Amazon Echo with a built-in display. It the same image attached above but did you notice I mentioned the black device exclusively? Well, this is because the touchscreen Amazon Echo will probably be released in a white color variant as well. This means basic customization options for the device are in store for those looking forward to this upgrade.

With this latest leak, the scenario on the specs front hasn’t changed but we can at least make better-calculated guesses with an HD image in hand. We’re still at a dearth of info on the touchscreen device, which includes a tablet attached to the usual Amazon Echo speaker at the bottom. It is just that the new 7-Mic speaker system (which is now open for access to select hardware makers) will be upgraded with this iteration.

There is currently no info on the operating system that will power the 7-inch-ish touchscreen attached to the Echo device. There is a possibility that Amazon can directly pack its FireOS into the device because of its existing ecosystem of apps — and familiarity among the masses, at least for some people.

Amazon will also integrate all of Alexa’s capabilities and its 10,000+ skills into this new device — to amalgamate the voice and screen experience. This means you will have the ability to interact with Alexa to know the weather, your appointments, the latest news and other information, using voice commands as usual. But, details related to the same might also be displayed on the screen to further interaction and augment the user experience.

As can be seen in the images attached above, you’ll be getting a web camera with this Amazon Echo device. This means you will not only be able to complete HD video calls with this device but also question Alexa about your fashion choices. Yes, this is Alexa’s latest capability and has been introduced with the recently debuted Amazon Look — the Alexa-powered Echo which has cameras.

For those eagerly waiting for this touchscreen Amazon Echo, CNET earlier reported that the device is expected to release later this month. So, stay tuned and come back for more updates.

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