There have been rumors that Amazon has been busy attempting to give its Echo, a display as well. Well, they were strengthened lately as a strange device was spotted on Amazon’s own network very recently. The device is pretty alien and we certainly haven’t seen it anywhere before. Could it perhaps be the elusive, Echo-with-display?

The device was spotted by AFTVnews. The device is expected to be a touchscreen with speakers that are better sounding than any of the previous iterations. While scant data is available apart for the image itself (which isn’t the best either because it was originally very, very small) Amazon could launch it as early as near the end of the month.

AFTVnews is pretty reliable when it comes to Amazon devices. The website was responsible for leaking Amazon Look as well. Meanwhile, the device kind of looks like a Kindle that has been placed on a supporting base. The speakers are placed right below the base and there is a dot that could resemble a camera, but it hard to be sure. The screen could be 7-inches and we might see a touchscreen. A display without any interactive facilities would lose quite a bit of its usefulness after all.

It would be interesting to see what kind of operating system is parked inside the new device. Amazon already has its Fire OS and it could work well with either a touchscreen or otherwise.

Amazon could have a harder time convincing developers to create apps for this device though, it will first have to ensure that they find it worth their efforts. After all, many people are happy with the dumbed down Echo (assuming that the dot in the picture is a camera) and would rather go without a display without the risk of keeping a device that could in its turn keep an eye on them. Call it paranoia, but there you have it.

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