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Most famous for its Angry Birds franchise, game creator Rovio launched its latest game Battle Bay in March 2016 in select regions around the world. The game is currently available to download, both on Android and iOS, for free worldwide and the company is hoping to witness a success.

Unlike most of its previous releases, this Battle Bay mobile game is not a sequel to the famous Angry Birds series.  The Angry Birds franchise took off in 2009 and has had several additions to the series including Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Go, and Angry Birds Space and the most recent Angry Birds Fight! in 2015.

While Rovio has attempted to create a few games that are not part of the Angry Birds franchise over a few years, none of them have tasted any real success. Battle Bay is Rovio’s first real-time multiplayer game, where the players can engage in exciting 5 on 5 battles with players from around the world and its unique features are what the company hopes to use to draw the audience in.

Battle Bay has a number of features that are sure to have mobile gamers check it out. Some of these features include the option to train your own crew and unlock their talents to help your ship, join a guild, and use different types of ships while you battle on the open sea. The app also has strategic gameplay and gives its players different weapons, armor items, and abilities with which they can battle each other.

Like all of its previous games, Rovio has ensured that the art direction and game design of Battle Bay are superb. The unique character designs and abilities of the different ships look like this app could be a huge success if the controls work perfectly.

This game initially had a geo-restricted launch in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Iceland, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand but as of May 4, it’s been made available worldwide.

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