Facebook is over a decade old. And over all that time, it has grown steadily. Today, the company’s platform is one of the very few that count its users in the billions and all of those users, rely upon the same network. True, Facebook has a whole bunch of data centers but, the network remains the same and any issue with the network could lead to some serious problems to the company’s assorted virtual properties.

Which is why Facebook has decided to create a new network called the Express Backbone, that will extract the machine to machine traffic and ensure that you are able to use the social networking platform uninterrupted.

So basically, here is how it works: Fcebook has a lot of traffic passing through its systems at any given point of time. A lot of the traffic is user generated, but a lot of it is machine generated as well. By machine generated, we are referring to the traffic associated with storage backups, data analytics, and machine learning computing. There is an unbelievable amount of this traffic that needs to be processed as well and, Facebook does not want this traffic marring the user experience.

The company has developed the Express Backbone Network over the last year to cater to this very issue. The network will now account for traffic associated with machine to machine communication. This also includes Facebook Messenger’s “M” artificial intelligent assistant, the camera effects, Oculus and basically any other advanced technology that could require data being transmitted from one point to another.

As far as changes to the user experience are concerned, you won’t feel a thing. This is more of a precautionary measure than anything else, so things will keep running as usual.

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