Apple has been harping on and on about the capabilities of its iPhone 7 Plus to anyone who would hear. The company has now published a brand new extended video ad that shows off the portrait mode capabilities of the iPhone 7 Plus. This is actually a major USP associated with the 7 Plus, because it is only available with the 7 Plus’s dual camera system.

If you browse YouTube frequently, you may have seen an ad playing before videos that promises to bring you a new experience in photography. This new video builds on the same premise and shows a young couple roaming around a city as they capture a bunch of high quality pictures. All of these pictures are featured as still shots near the end of the video.

With Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, you can focus on what you love and leave everything else behind.

The effect is similar to what you would get while using a high quality camera with a large lens. Everything in the background is blurred, leaving you free to focus on the subject. The new portrait mode has already been making waves and both Billboard Magazine and Bon Appétit have used it to snap their cover pictures this year.

The portrait mode is currently limited to the iPhone 7 Plus hardware but the iPhone 8 is expected to bring a dual camera system as well. Meanwhile, we leave you to watch the new advertisement, right below:

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