Space is pretty awesome. I mean sure, there isn’t much to see per square mile but if you have a super-fast ship or a really nice telescope, there is quite a lot there. Amazon Web Services and NASA are now partnering to let us all watch space, live in 4K!

Yup, the first ever 4K video live stream from the International Space Station is slated for broadcast today, at 1:30 PM EDT (10:30 AM PDT). It is taking place as part of the National Association for Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas and the video will also remain available for your viewing pleasures later as a recording on the NASA website.

Also included will be a live chat with none other than NASA’s Dr. Peggy Whitson. Dr. Whitson holds the record for spending the most time in space and by the time she returns to earth, she will have spent a total of 650 days in space — a couple of months or so short of two full years.

So yeah, make sure you tune in. I mean yeah you can watch it later as well and there won’t exactly be a Silver Surfer and Galactus zooming around, but still, a livestream from space! How do you think that would have sounded a few decades ago? Probably gotten you a stone to the head. But here we are.

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