Amazon, Amazon Echo Look

Amazon has introduced a brand new device, giving its Echo the ability to see as well as hear. The new Amazon Echo Look is pretty awesome and along with other things, comes with the ability to take full length selfies with mere voice commands.

So its an Echo with eyes. Place the device anywhere, stand in front of it and ask it to take pictures or videos. You can say “Alexa, take a picture” and even “Alexa, take a video”, to that perfect picture taken with ease. I mean would it still be called a selfie though? Considering that there is hardly any difference between Amazon Echo Look and a human standing in front of you and snapping a picture.

Interestingly, the device does not feature a display, just a camera. Users can still see what the device is capturing  on their smartphones through a companion application. What’s more, it can also work with Amazon’s Style Check app and allow users to compare different outfit choices from each other. You basically put on a bunch of clothes and Amazon’s deploys some nifty bit of machine learning to tell you which one looks the best. Apart from machine learning, a fair bit of expert advice is also employed meaning that the advice is kind of reliable.

The app also recommends clothes to users, while also giving them the option to purchase them through — where else — Amazon! This will ensure that you will continue to have a way to spend your hard-earned money and send it Amazon’s way.

Coming back to the device, it is pretty standard and has an oblong shape. You get all the regular stuff we have come to expect from Amazon’ Alexa powered devices including a mic and LEDs. However, the new addition is a camera which is capable of focusing on just the subject and blurring everything in the background. This should come in handy whether you are attempting to take pictures or simply get a style check performed on yourself.

And there is no need to get frantic. You can also shut off the camera and the Microphone through a large off button that is placed to the side. This should help ease off concerns for users who are worried about someone playing iSpy with them. Simply pres the button and you won’t have anyone possibly watching you through the device.

Finally, the Amazon Echo Look also packs all the standard Alexa capabilities including asking it for the weather, getting news updates an so on and so forth. You can get the device for $200, which is not all that expensive as compared to the standard Echo. So yeah, if you want to get fashion advice and are cool with a electronic gadget taking pictures and uploading them to the cloud — go for it.

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