Lilium, VTOL

The world is fascinated with Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicles and today marked a new beginning in the same. Carmaker Lilium today tested its all-electric VTOL jet for the first time ever. The benefits of such a technology are of course obvious since VTOL jets can take off from a standing position much like a helicopter, but can achieve the higher speeds of a fixed wing aircraft once airborne.

The best or rather, the unique part about this particular VTOL jet is the fact that it relies solely on renewable electricity for its fuel requirements. Lilium believes that it can obtain a range of around 186 miles from its battery and a top speed of about 186 mph as well. That is pretty fast and that is a pretty decent range for a flying electric car when you stop to compare it with the other options available.

The company conducted tests with a prototype, two-seater vehicle while also announcing a five-seater one. The latter would be the perfect fit for flying cabs or even family vehicles, once we reach that stage. In the meanwhile, watch and admire the vehicle that Lilium wants us to travel in, come the future.


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