Oracle, the database technology giant, today announced its plans to acquire Wercker, a Dutch startup that offers tools for automating the process of testing and deploying code. The exact terms of the deal remain yet undisclosed. Oracle (ORCL) shares were up by 0.25% following this acquisition for an undisclosed amount.

Founded in 2012 and based in Amsterdam, Wercker enables developers to automate the development of applications and microservices through a container-centric platform. Doing business in a market with competitors such as Shippable, Codeship, CircleCI,, and Semaphore, Wercker’s ability to integrate with Docker containers evidently sets it apart from the others.  Its mission is to help companies that are building software specifically for deployment in the cloud.

Through Wercker, organizations and their development teams are able to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) goals with micro-services and Docker. This becomes a reality through Wercker’s aforementioned container-centric and cloud-native automation platform, consisting of their local command line interface (CLI), online SaaS platform and API.

Since being established, the company had raised around $8 million, including a $4.5 million round last year. Today’s news follows from just a few months after Oracle’s acquisition of API development startup Apiary, and five months after it also bought DNS provider Dyn. Regarding its plans for Wercker, Oracle says that together they will “democratize developer tooling for the modern cloud.” According to a company statement:

Oracle and Wercker share the view that developers greatly benefit from focusing on building great products and applications. Oracle is building a leading IaaS and PaaS platform as the foundation for a new generation of cloud computing. A leading cloud needs great tooling and adding Wercker’s container lifecycle management to Oracle’s Cloud provides engineering teams with the developer experience they deserve to build, launch and scale their applications.

According to another FAQ document, Wercker will be integrated into Oracle’s existing developer-focused tools and services on the closure of the transaction, with Oracle saying that Wercker customers will “benefit from better integration and alignment with Oracle’s other product offerings.”

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