Hyperloop, Arrivo, SpaceX

SpaceX is all set to host its another Hyperloop competition come August, and quite a lot of focus will be laid upon speed this time around. This will be the company’s second event of the sort, and will feature a slew of companies ranging from those who participated and were successful in the first round, as well as those who didn’t compete at all.

While some may think the competition a little lopsided, considering that several of the participants have already cleared the first SpaceX event, the rules have changed quite a bit. In the first event, the focus was on meeting the specifics and the guidelines that SpaceX wanted from the competitors. However, this event will have only one point of competition and that will be speed.

Well, if the idea of metal pods designed to carry humans at breathtaking speeds racing each other in long metal tube doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. The competitors will include folks from some of the top engineering and research institutions across the world. The event is slated for an August weekend (25th through 27th), so better keep your eyes peeled around that time and watch out for some new speed records.

At SpaceX’s last event, the three teams that made it through included one from MIT, one from Delft University, and one from WARR, a student group from the Technical University of Munich. Out of these, WARR achieved the maximum speed of around 90 KM/Hour. We fully expect the record to be broken during the upcoming event although, SpaceX might well have to come up with longer tubes if it really wants to pods to reach their full potential

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