And the departures continue. Some top Uber executive seem to have taken upon themselves to keep the company in the limelight for consecutive weeks. This time, it is Uber’s VP of global vehicle program who has decided to leave the company for other destinations.

Sherif Marakby, who helped launch Uber’s self-driving program in Pittsburgh, was a fairly recent joiner and made the shift to the cab aggregator only last year. Before that, Marakby had a 2.5 decade long stint with Ford, where he was the director of global electronics and engineering. Neither his destination, nor his reasons for leaving Uber are known, although it is being said that he will take a break before deciding what to do next.

In a statement, Marakby merely said:

Self-driving is one of the most interesting challenges I’ve worked on in my career, and I’m grateful to have contributed  to what will soon be a safer future for everyone.

This comes along side a long string of executive departures from the ride-hailing company. From former president Jeff Jones to former head of communications Rachel Whetstone, and from Gary Marcus, head of Uber’s AI Lab — recent months have seen many executives leave Uber after having been with it for a less than a year.  Meanwhile, Uber has confirmed that Marakby is not leaving because of the company policies and its legal tussle with Waymo.

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