Facebook is currently piloting a not-so-noticeable tab named ‘Groups’ for Pages, as seen on the left-hand side of certain pages. This tab displays the official groups (or the ones you wanna link) for the company/brand who’s page you have opened. This Tab makes it easier for Facebook users looking for official discussion forums and hence dismisses the need of searching through a relatively large number of fake and fan groups across the platform.

To clear your doubts, Facebook Pages are mostly for brands, artists, and organizations, while individuals usually have a profile. But, it is possible to advertise yourself as a brand through a business page. On following a page, you get its updates in your news feed. On the other hand, Groups are like chat forums where you, your friends, and other millions of Facebook users can connect and talk about a subject which interests most of the users in the Group. There can be some trolls/spammers on each groups, not a big problem.

All said, the Group tab is still in the testing phase and hence is not visible on all Facebook pages. It is neither popping up on personal accounts. However, it is there on the HBO’s official page among other tabs such as Home, About, Photos, Events, Videos, Likes, Posts and Notes on the left side. As soon as you click the Group tab, you’re displayed the official group of Big Little Lies — an HBO miniseries created and written by David E. Kelley. This feature was initially spotted by CNET.

Apparently, it seems like Facebook wants to help out these brands by streamlining their content on a single page. These brands could link their official groups to their Pages and accelerate its reach to even more users. In addition, describing the benefits of the feature, Alex Deve, a product manager director at Facebook said,

The ability for people to find people that are like them, and actually provide support to each other, is something currently happening on groups and something we want to expand, We see a lot of nonprofits create communities where members can just get together.

The step lines up Zuckerberg’s vision for the year announced in February this year. He then quoted,

Now we need to focus on groups and communities. That’s going to be part of the next chapter.

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