project scorpio

With the recent release of PlayStation 4 Pro last year, Sony is already trying to cede control over the console gaming ecosystem. But, Microsoft has been no mute spectator. The Redmond giant announced a while back that it would be releasing an upgraded successor to its Xbox console in the form of ‘Project Scorpio’. The rumor mill has since been rife with speculations, which are finally coming to an end this Thursday i.e tomorrow.

That is because we will be getting an official first look at the Project Scorpio console’s internal specs, courtesy of the Digital Foundry team at The reveal of Xbox One’s successor is scheduled for 2 PM UK /9 AM ET on Thursday. The said feast is being spread out ahead of the console’s officially planned release at E3 2017 conference in June this year. Don’t expect to even get a peek at the exterior shell until the official release.

Though Microsoft has kept the development of Project Scorpio highly scrutinized, some deeds of the console have still leaked on the interwebs. Sony may have beaten Microsoft to release is PS4 Pro console in the market, but several reports claim that Xbox’s Project Scorpio console is expected to be more powerful. It will sport 6 teraflops of processing power, which will dwarf both its predecessor Xbox One’s 1.3 teraflops and PS4 Pro’s 4.2 teraflops. Tomorrow’s reveal will also help us end the long-running debate of whether the company will employ AMD’s latest Ryzen technology or not.

Further, there is one thing for sure. The Project Scorpio console will be powerful enough to handle native 4K resolution. This would enable the company to compete against Sony’s VR-capable technology. Other reports shed light on the design of the Project Scorpio console, which is expected to be more compact than its predecessor. This is because of improvements in cooling tech and replacing the power brick for an internal power supply. All this will be confirmed in front of your eyes when Microsoft takes the wraps off the internals tomorrow.

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