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With an eye upon businesses offering customer support, Twitter announces location sharing over direct messages

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Social networking giant Twitter has been rolling out some groundbreaking updates lately, some of which are fine but some completely senseless. The decision of not considering @username as a part of the reply to provide some extra characters for expression, or the removal of egg avatar to curb abuse  on the platform, have both affected the uniqueness of Twitter. But the Jack Dorsey captained company has finally announced a sensible update today aimed specifically at business users.

As per the latest update by the company, business firms which perform their customer service operations with the help of Twitter can now request and share customers locations directly through Direct Message. Which means offering supports or customization helps to a customer at his home or in his store will become way more simpler now.

The location request options runs via Direct Message, where the business request its customer to share his location via a click. Now, the customer has to decide upon the request. If he is willing to share his precise location, he may do so, otherwise, he may add a place from the list provided by the service.

The customers may also provide a reference location to the business even though they are not physically present at that spot. This is helpful in conditions one is planning for a reservation or is inviting them over a meeting at some restaurant.

TGI Fridays is one of the first companies to embrace this service and is utilizing it for features like to-go orders, placing reservations and finding nearby restaurants. It has also collaborated with  Conversable to fuel some of its features. Wingstop is another company using Twitter’s location sharing feature for similar purpose.

Meanwhile, this service is meaningful in some other ways as well. Sometimes, it becomes very necessary for a company to know its customer’s precise location in order to help in a breakdown or similar conditions, or maybe to expand its customer support base in a certain locale or a city.

The service could also be availed on Twitter’s Direct Messages API, which is presently in private beta testing. With this feature in the market, Twitter directly competes with Facebook which utilizes Messenger to provide customer support in general conditions.

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