Tech IPOs are becoming pretty common. At least their announcements are. Not everyone is following through but still, enterprise tech is likely to have a lot more public companies by the time this decade is out. The latest enterprise tech company to declare its intention of going public is Cloudera.

The company has already made its filings with the SEC, and it was the S-1 paperwork that conclusively proved that Cloudera wasn’t testing the waters as many other companies have been doing of late. Instead, it is laying the groundwork for an actual IPO. The company is not alone though and it joins Alteryx and MuleSoft (already IPOed) and Yext and Okta (planned).

Cloudera’s tech and its core products, are based upon a Hadoop open source project. They are capable of processong huge amounts of data in relatively short order and that is exactly what makes the company so relevant in face of increasing quantities of data and a data driven world.

So Hadoop, is an open source technology and it is kind of hard to use it to make sense of data. That is where companies like Cloudera come in. They bring in packages that streamline the process and make extracting information, much easier. Even if you don’t have extensive knoledge about analytics, Cloudera’s packages can help you make sense out of chaos. Offering packages to enterprise is basically how companies like cloudera operate.

In short, the technology is very, very relevant right now. Indeed, that was probably why Intel chose to put in over $700 million in the company last year. Cloudera had waved off talk of an IPO back then, stating that it had more than enough money in its coffers.

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