It is that time of the year again, when everyone is allowed a fair bit of leg pulling. And you know things are going to get awesome when Google steps into the game to join the rest of the world in a bit of harmless (mostly!) fun and frolic. The search engine giant has a couple of special things meant to commemorate the occasion of April fool’s day and we suggest you go check them out before the day ends. Which is why we have put together a list of the same. See if you can find them!

Pac Map?

Yup. Exactly what you are guessing at. Yes, that too. The company has introduced a version of Pac Man on Google Maps that will be live on until the 4th of April. The game can be found over the compass in Google Maps and allows you to enjoy game in real maps. You can save your score by signing into your Google account as well.

Good luck finding it though.

An Inter-planetary data center:

Well, why not? The tech behemoth has announced an interplanetary data center that has been named as Ziggy Stardust. Slated to open in 2018, the data center will operate as Google’s link to the test of the solar system and will help the company power its data driven ambitions.

we’re looking to the future cloud infrastructure needed for the exploration and ultimate colonization of the Red Planet.

Google Wind:

Using a network of windmills spread across Netherlands along with its fantastic machine learning and predictive analysis capabilities, Google has obtained supremacy over the whether in the country. The company is using its ability to ensure perpetual sunny whether in the country.

Google Gnome:

The Yang to the Google Home’s Ying, Gnome helps you find creatures crawling in your backyard, the amount of trimming your hedge needs and so on. Basically, everything to do with your backyard. It can also tell you how to cook stuff that is cooked in the back yard, like pancakes —  just don’t ask it indoor questions. Urghhhhhh!

Haptic Helpers:

Google has been using technology to automate things. However, it is now bringing in haptic helpers to help simulate things for you. No more messing about with VR or AR and hoping to get things right and being satisfied with half the experience. Whatever you want, brought to you, powered by living, breathing haptic helpers.

Happy April Fools day folks.

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