Singapore-based Weeloy has raked in $3.6 million from Malaysian venture capital investment firm FirstFloor Capital.

The startup is a unique platform that provides F&B solutions. It caters to all their needs, be it related to technological assistance or providing marketing solutions, it does it all via its single software platform.

Incorporated in 2015 by Soraya and Richard Kefs, the firm will utilize the funds to widen its user base and focus more on its product development. Currently operating in Singapore and Thailand, it seeks to expand into new Southeast Asian markets including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia among others. It claims to have associated with hundreds of restaurants acoss Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Phuket.

Soraya and Richard, prior to this venture, had co-founded a France-based firm, Fastbooking that specialized in creating softwares for hotels to increase their bookings and manage their workflow. The company was later taken over by French hotel chain Accor in 2015. Having witnessed the hardships that hotels and businesses specializing in F&B industry face, they, thereby, went on to form Weeloy.

Soraya Kefs, in an official statement, mentioned,

The key to success for any business in the Information Age is managing and utilizing data. Our platform is the only technology in this space today that provides restaurants with the tools to efficiently manage all of the data flowing in and out of the business, enable them to operate more efficiently.

Weeloy believes it stands out among other such platforms operating in the same sector with its full stack solution that provides an integrated platform for restaurants allowing them to optimise operations, eliminate admin redundancies and consolidate, manage and leverage data from all channels. Also, it has the capacity and resources to operate as a white-label technology solution, with the power to deploy as a back-end for a firm’s own front-end solution.

The platform’s online technology offerings encompass catering, online ordering, table management, customer support and advertising tools. Weeloy has three major components, it has a B2B line of SaaS products. Its B2C platform with social media tools include enhanced social promotion tools to help the clients generate awareness and increase bookings, and the agency and marketing solutions have a social media advertising managed service offering.

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