Yup. Media publishers are going to find it that much easier to post live video content upon the social networking platform.  The API will allow users to take live videos to the next level and combine high end equipment and tech with Twitter so as to deliver extra HQ content.

As per TechCrunch, the API is going live tomorrow and will have the likes of Telestream, Wirecast, and Livestream Switcher as the chief API partners. These partners won’t actually be producing content. Instead, they will be helping producers come up with it using the new Live API.

In simple words, the API will allow Big video cameras, editing boards, desktop editing software and even satellite vans, to directly broadcast their live videos to Twitter.

Twitter has always had Periscope producer for thins kind of stuff. However, even that was not cutting it when it came to professional bloggers. That was when Twitter decided to come up with an all new API of its own. See, what Periscope producer did was, it came up with a destination URL and users could send users can send videos from software like OBD or Wirecast right there. However, that still was not a full fledged solution. This Twitter API though, is very likely to be the final stop for media publishers looking to push their live video content to Facebook.

Meanwhile, it also brings us to the question of Periscope’s fate. Is Twitter going to continue using it? Or is it going to supplant it with APIs and features of its own. The company added the ability to broadcast straight from its own app after Periscope downloads started going downhill. Since then, Twitter has been working upon strengthening its video capabilities by  licensing and broadcasting big news and sports events like presidential debates and Thursday Night NFL games.

This move and the API could be indication that Twitter is ready to bear down upon Live videos as part of its own platform instead of sourcing them through Periscope.

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