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Yup. The videos may disappear from Instagram, but they will remain upon you smartphone — if that is what you want.In what is a departure from the tradition, Instagram is giving its users the ability to save videos to their smartphones after they have pushed it to live.

The feature is as simple as could be. Whenever your video ends, a save button appears in the upper-right corner — simply tap it and the video gets saved to your camera roll. However, the videos will still have disappeared from Insta. So the only place they are really going to be present is your camera roll.

The platform’s reasoning appears to be this: Say a person is celebrating their birthday. Would they rather use their own camera or Instagram Live? While many people would undoubtedly like to use the latter and share the moment with the world, the fact that the video would disappear could keep them from doing so. And that is where the new video feature pops in.

Share the video with the world on a temporary basis and save it to your phone on a permanent one. That is in Instagram Live for you folks!

Instagram is pushing the update to both iOS and Android devices today.

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