Binge-watchers across the world find it difficult to bear the opening credits of shows and repetitive music that plays along every time. Not only it is bleeding to the ears but chomp off the excitement of the lineup. However, Netflix’s latest hack seems to dismiss the issue forever. The on-demand video streaming platform has adopted a new ‘Skip Intro’ button that allows you to skip the opening credits on television shows.

The new ‘Skip Intro’ button appears on the bottom right corner of the screen when the show’s intro starts to play and provides you an option to directly jump to the main content. The button also appears on shows beginning with a raw opening and streaming the titles later. However, the credit goes to a Reddit post which fanned the fire of speculations about three ago.

The ‘Skip Intro’ does save you from the boredom of the title sequence. The total time saver button is now live, however, only for web-browsers. For Netflix to roll out the feature on a broader scale, would require certain updates on various platforms where Netflix is available. Moreover, in case you have opted for the auto-play mode for a specific series,  the opening credits will be skipped automatically. Speaking on the roll out of the valuable feature, a Spokeswoman from Netflix said,

We perform hundreds of tests every year to help make the Netflix member experience better.

TV fanatics disinterested in the credits or theme song filled the Twitter feed with tweets expressing their support for the company’s move. It is, however, still unclear whether the said button is available for all shows on the platform. So far, users have said it appears for Netflix originals such as ‘House of Cards’,’Iron Fist’, and third-party shows like ‘Pars & Rec’ and ‘Mad Men’. Here are some of the tweets:

Apart from it, Netflix is taking the YouTube route and will soon allow users to rate programs using a thumbs up, thumbs down system. This revelation came to light during a recent press event held at the company’s Los Gatos headquarters.

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