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Google is very big on data and machine learning and it now wants to spark that interest in you as well. The company has announced that it is organizing a machine learning competition with an eye towards reaching early stage companies that are taking this particular path to innovation.

On-board with Google in its mission are Sequoia, KPCB, GV, Data Collective, Emergence Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock. Of the two, Data Collective and Emergence capital have promised to put in $500,000 apiece for the winning team.

Meanwhile, The winner of the “Build with Google” prize will receive an impressive $1 million in GCP credits. They will also get an opportunity to engage with engineers at Google Cloud and 10 G-Suite seats for 12 months. The runner-up on the other hand, will receive much the same stuff, but with 500,000 half the GCP credits. Finally, other finalists will get $200,000 GCP credits and other goodies.

Meanwhile, only startups that have raised less than $5 million can apply. And of course, they have to be incorporated in the US. If you are one, make sure you apply before April 16th.


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