Facebook is certainly not one to chicken out when it comes to experimenting with new features. The company is finally launching its Messenger Day platform on a global scale. Let us give you fair warning folks, don’t be too surprised if you find yourself reminded of Snapchat Stories, although the feature does have its own unique points as well.

Okay, so we heard about Messenger day in September last month. At that time, it was clear that the feature was an all too transparent attempt to disguise Snapchat’s “Stories” under a different branding. However, the feature did prove to have several unique points about it which made it all the more interesting.

Facebook adopted a pretty cautious approach towards Messenger day’s launch, adopting a staggered roll out for the feature. The feature is already live in over a dozen countries including the likes of Poland and Australia, and Facebook is finally ready for a global roll-out of the same.

With the latest iOS and Android update, Messenger Day is rolling out for everyone across the globe. The feature can be found on top of Facebook’s chat app and also in the desktop messaging threads. Similar to how Snapchat Stories works, the feature allows you to share decorated photos and videos with each other, with all the shared content disappearing after 24 hours.

Similar to Snapchat Stories, you can let your creativity run lose here. However, the “day” part of the feature is a story of its own.  You can see a row of tiles that represent individual emotions, locations or holidays at the top of the Messenger thread list which can be selected to go into a more detailed list of filters. Select any one of them and voilà, Messenger will have the picture perfected for you thanks to the specially created filters.

Meanwhile, Messenger’s camera redesign is also proving to be very handy. You can post a picture by simply tapping a shutter button near the bottom. You can also add pictures by tapping the “Add To Your Day” near the top of the application or, from a prompt that comes up when you share a picture in a thread. You can also share pictures taken using your camera, GIFs, or videos that are up to 15 seconds long.

Also, posts are visible to everyone. You can change that by blocking specific people from seeing them. What’s more, only people who have permission to message you like Facebook friends will see your Days at the top of their app. So, that should keep you safe from stalkers and creeps — or at least keep you from coming to their immediate notice. You can also choose people who can watch your days. And yes, folks who have seen your day appear at the bottom of the posts.

Again, you can decorate posts with drawing, environmental effects, text captions, animated selfie lenses, style-transfers and over 5,000 filters. Meanwhile, we are still in the middle of trying out some features of the app and will update the post with more in a bit.

Stay tuned!

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