The video industry has taken the rapid advancements in tech in its stride. Quite possibly the greatest change in the industry has been the introduction of 360-degree videos.Well, the latest major platform to adapt to the same is Vimeo, which has joined Facebook and YouTube in rolling out support for 360 degree video. What’s more, the platform is laying quite a of of focus on the creation process and will also train users on how to go immersive.

Vimeo couldn’t keep from wisecracking a bit as it announced the induction of 360-degree videos to its platform:

There’s nothing we love more than being surrounded by amazing videos. And now, we mean it literally: we’re insanely thrilled to announce that Vimeo 360 is here. Now you can upload 360 videos in stunning high quality, dig into 360 Video School lessons, find inspiration on our curated 360 channel, and oh so much more.  

The platform has introduced a brand new channel that will allow users to go through a slew of curated 360-degree videos. What’s more, a series of online tutorials also teach folks about how they can actually go about the business of making these videos and profiting from them.

As always, Vimeo is laying quite a lot of focus upon how creators can make money from these videos. This is of course an area where it is differing from say Facebook or YouTube, where the focus has been more upon ensuring that the viewers can adapt to the new content stream effortlessly. Vimeo meanwhile, seems to have made ensuring that creators who are putting in all those resources into creating 360-degree videos good returns, its first priority.

So, creators can make money three different channels. First, they can sell their 360-degree videos. Next, they can rent them for a stipulated time. And finally, they can offer these videos on a subscription basis. This could enable creators from keeping their videos free from advertisements and all other riffraff and deliver a premium experience. However for that to happen, you need a Pro or a Business membership on Vimeo.

The revenue distribution scheme is extremely fair as well and creators get to keep up to 90 percent of what they make. Vimoe takes around 10 percent or so as transaction costs.

The platform has already introduced the Vimeo app on GearVR, Zeiss VR One, and Daydream headsets. It has also promised to bring in support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive,  soon.

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