Cab aggregator Uber has applied for a self-driving car permit from the California DMV. The company, assuming that it receives the permit, will start testing its self-driving cars on public roads in the state.

Actually, Uber has already tested its self-driving cars in California. However, the tests were suddenly cut short after the state DMV brought up the fact that Uber had forgotten to apply for autonomous testing permit. So yes, Uber and the California DMV had a bit of a falling out that resulted in the company relocating its tests to nearby Arizona, where they received a warm welcome. Indeed, the first passenger the company picked up in the state was none other than Governor Doug Ducey.

However, Uber plans to get back to California soon. The DMV ban after all, was more a matter of protocol than anything else. Meanwhile, the company already has a couple of cars in San Fransisco streets but instead of picking up passengers, they are mapping the city so as to improve the maps that are currently available and deployed by autonomous cars.

Uber says that two of its self-driving Volvos have had their registration reinstated by the DMV and it is these two cars that are currently roaming SF streets mapping the roads and more. Mapping is of course one of the most important part of creating a self-driving system. While the systems are equipped to take decisions, it is good to keep the surprises to a minimum. So, by proper mapping, we can ensure that the car is already aware of its route and things that may fall in its route — including bridges, parks and so on.

Uber has yet to apply for a permit, but it is reportedly working in collaboration with the DMV on the same. Things certainly look better than the last time, when DMV and Uber took to each other’s throats over technicalities resulting in the company relocating its tests to nearby Arizona.

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