Banglore-based healthcare and wellness startup, CureFit has recently acquired online food delivery platform Kristys Kitchen for an undisclosed amount of cash and stock deal. The food platform along with serving healthy delicacies offers authentic international cuisines in Bangalore. This acquisition extends operations for the early venture along with broadening its spectrum of services.

Founded in September 2016, Kristys Kitchen is in its preliminary stages of operation and serves close to 250 orders a day. The venture was launched by Cristina Maiorescu, Cedric Carvalho and Sumit Sinha and claims to be cash positive. The team for this venture will be combined with CureFit once the deal proceedings conclude.

On being merged with the CureFit, Co-founder Maiorescu stated,

We believe we have developed a great product that now will be taken to scale with the help of CureFit. Both companies’ values and long-term vision are in sync.

The company is also looking to alter its offerings and combine plans into three focused schemes — health food subscriptions, Cult fitness subscriptions and mental wellness offering. Instead of targeting the unfit population, CureFit now plans to pull in preventive customers as well. Speaking of same, Co-founder Ankit Nagori said,

Healthcare can be broadly divided into prevention and cure. For the first few years we will be focusing on the prevention part of healthcare, and later we’ll pursue the cure side. Prevention has four important parts: eating healthy, active lifestyle, mental wellness, regular health check-ups. We will be launching fitness, mental wellness—DIY (do-it-yourself) packs of yoga and meditation—and food.

Over the coming weeks, CureFit plans to add a few more platforms to its arsenal under the mental wellness and fitness category. It is currently also said to be involved in advanced talks with potential investors for an investment round, which will push $15-$20 million into CureFit’s treasure. The venture, offering early access to enterprise customers, will soon launch its own mobile application to grip over the app space.

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