While a few companies presented their freshly baked smartphones at the MWC 2017, many Chinese manufacturers focused on the technology integrated within the devices instead. To join the list, Meizu unveiled its latest ‘Super mCharge’ technology that it claims, can fully charge a smartphone in 20 minutes. A demo was also presented by Meizu at Barcelona boasting of quicker charging than the rival players like VOOC and Quick Charge technologies.

Meizu says that the new powering system can charge a smartphone up to 30% within the very first 5 minutes of plugging in. It also said that Super mCharge is 11 times faster than charging speed offered by iPhone 7 Plus and 3.6 times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Some tall claims certainly but if true, they could well take care of battery trouble for perpetuity.

The demo was presented on a smartphone equipped with a 3000 mAh battery having 0% battery. The phone was completely charged within 20 minutes on the clock. The technology is a boon for the on-the-go generation and Internet savvy consumers. Meizu can accumulate worthy profits as third party supplier for the tech in the future phones. It is also notable that phones packed with battery capacity less than 3000 mAh can be charged at a quicker pace while having higher capacity may require some more time.

Meizu revealed that the tech comes as a successor to previous power setting,  mCharge technology. It not only beats its predecessor in terms of time but also yields 98 percent higher efficiency and consumes just half the electric current. The device is charged at a maximum of 39 degrees to block heat induced explosions during fast charging. The tech incorporates lower current prolonging life of internal components and thus prevents heating.

Meizu aptly named its invite ‘Faster Than Ever’ for 28th February 2017. The company is expected to launch its future smartphones pre-embedded with Super mCharge, which should certainly create a buzz in China and neighboring markets. Although the company didn’t debut any fresh phone for the audience, the amazing charging speed Super mCharge claims to offer is pretty damn awesome.

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