Last year, Lenovo unveiled its premium flagship device Moto Z and we all know for a fact that the best thing about these devices are the attachable Moto Mods. It allows you to supplement or enhance the features of your smartphone. Thus, at the Lenovo MWC launch event, the company showed off concept Moto Mods that we can expect to launch this year. And these include the power pack, wireless charger and the most interesting of the lot would have to the Nintendo-like gamepad mod and one that would turn your phone into an Alexa-powered speaker.

I guess there’s no need to go into further details for the power pack (huge external battery) and wireless charging mods, so let’s now get straight to the most exciting ones. The gamepad Moto Mod that snaps onto the back of your Moto Z and brings along the complete set of features found on portable consoles. It is said to include two analog sticks, a D-pad, four modifier buttons, two shoulder buttons, and the Start/Select buttons as well. This Mod is also equipped with a set of speakers and some extra juice to power your device. It is expected to become available later this summer, with no information on pricing as of now.

Now, the other interesting Moto Mod is also the one which might give Google a run for its money. On stage at the MWC launch event, Amazon announced that they would closely work with Lenovo to build an Alexa-powered smart speaker for their flagship device. This attachment will essentially turn your phone into an Amazon Echo device, which can be set down and used as a smart speaker. You can use voice commands to control your smart home devices, play music, call an Uber or play trivia. The concept video of this Moto Mod also showed off Amazon’s signature blue hue, which appears when Alexa is activated. And believe me, it will look damn sexy on the back of the phone.

There is currently no scheduled release date for this Moto Mod. But, it is surely evident that Lenovo is making strides to build an ecosystem of third-party Moto Mods. We already have available to us a Harman speaker, Incipio battery pack as well as a handful of concepts for better audio, skin care and more.

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