Oppo, 5X Zoom

The Mobile World Congress has reached its second exciting day guys and  we have recently had Oppo some up on stage and talk about some of its future products. Interestingly, the company chose to debut a technology rather than a smartphone and we got a look at the image improvement tech Oppo has been working on since almost a year now.

First off, no phone was presented. The technology had to do with the camera, so of course Oppo had to embed it into a device. However, the company did not present a new phone at the event. So for all those who are assuming that the company presented a new smartphone, calm down folks, it was the camera that was important and that Oppo wanted you to focus on.

So coming back to the tech, Oppo calls it the 5X Zoom Project. And as the name implies, the project has to do with ensuring that users are able to capture highly detailed images even when they are zooming. Usually, a lot of details are lost when we zoom, leaving us with an image that might be bigger, but is also blurrier. That is the problem Oppo set out to solve and judging by its MWC announcement, has managed to overcome to some extent.

Oppo’s solution involves using two lens arrays in a such a way that one of the arrays is positioned at 90-degrees to the other, along the device’s horizontal length. So, while one of the lens arrays is facing outwards like it should, the other one is at right angles to the first one. Apparently, this system has proved itself successful in bringing the object closer without particularly destroying the image quality. You are able to zoom in, the image does not loses much detail — everyone is happy.

The company has also added optical image stabilization to get rid of shaking. This is important because just like the image, the effect of any shaking on your parts is also amplified when you are zoomed in to an object. Oppo said that it had already patented the technology, the fact that it is in the market, could be enough to inspire other manufacturers to come up with similar technologies — that ensure that zooming does not ruin the image — on their own.

While the tech wouldn’t be enough to make a person buy an Oppo phone on its own, it could certainly make them more appealing.  And that could serve to give Oppo an edge as it jostles with other manufacturers to embark on a path of growth.

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