With automation coming everywhere, its is but natural that aerospace major Boeing wants some of its as well. The company is reportedly moving ahead with its plans of automating the production and operation of satellites.

The news comes from the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, Boeing hopes to automate most of the processes in satellites production and operation so that not only efficiency is increased, but manufacturing can be ramped up on short notice. The move appears to be part of Boeing’s drive to stay competitive in a market that is now seeing a lot of young Turks emerge.

Just a few years ago, Boeing was one of a very few companies that dealt with the space and the things that went into it. There were fat government contracts and everything was proceeding along splendidly. However, the arrival of startups like Tesla and Blue Origin has changed all that. There are now more players willing to pursue your operations in the space and the market has been growing competitive over the years. Companies like SpaceX are now taking a big chunk of NASA contact’s thanks to the firms wafer thing margins.

Keeping all this in mind, Boeing is rethinking its strategy so as to do better business. Apparently, the company is now attempting to deploy 3-D printing wherever possible, and is also sampling satellite designs to ensure that error rates are minimized while production is ramped up. By bringing new technologies into the mix, Boeing is attempting to create a future where costs are driven down and the company is able to compete against the other private players present in the market.

Meanwhile, it is certainly interesting that companies like SpaceX are forcing Boeing to rethink its strategy. It is important for the company to pick itself up and get back in the game because between Elon Musk’s Mars civilization and NASA’S various projects meant for the outer space, we stand on the brink of a space-age.

Boeing doesn’t want to miss out by being known as the company who couldn’t keep up with the changing times. And hence, the company is not only looking to cut costs, but also ensure that its satellite are cutting edge and as autonomous as possible.

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