Apple’s new campus has had its christening, and we also have a date for when it will open up for work. Called Apple Park, the huge workspace will start receiving employees from April. Apple plans to keep a 12,000 strong workforce in the sprawling campus.

Apple Park has been a long time in the making. It was originally conceived in 2011 by none other than the legend, Steve Jobs himself, who presented the idea to the Cupertino City Council months before his unfortunate demise.

The park has been kept under covers, in as much its possible to keep a huge area with a 2.8 million square feet main building under wraps. For example, while we know that the roof of the main building will be covered with solar panels, we don’t know what the interior of the building is going to look like. Will it have cubicles with straight-backed tables and chairs? Or will it have open areas with bean bags and armchairs lying all over the place? However, we do know that in keeping with Apple’s policy to push green energy where and when possible, the main circle building will derive 100 percent of its power from the solar panels installed on its roof.

Apart from that, we know that there is a gigantic, circular main building, a whole bunch of trees strategically placed all over the place and a fitness center and of course, an Apple shop.

The whole structure is a representation of the kind of design we see in Apple products themselves. All straight lines and symmetry and a minimalistic approach that makes the structure aesthetically pleasing.

We also heard rumors of a lot of private offices for mid and senior level executives with fantastic views, although that has to be confirmed. The circular structure should probably allow it. Meanwhile, the facility is expected to open for work from April, with the planned rehabilitation of 12,000 some employees completing within 2017.

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