Samsung has today announced that it will be exhibiting four augmented and virtual reality innovations from its in-house incubator C-Lab at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. These projects include a remote streaming glasses, headset for visually impaired people, VR-based home furnishing solution, and travel-focused 360-degree video platform.

These projects will be shown off at 4 Years From Now, a platform for startups that have the potential to exhibit independently at the trade show four years from now. Previously, Samsung had shown off products such as the smart waist monitoring belt, idea printer, and IoT-based skincare solutions. But, this year the focus relies on rapidly evolving AR/VR technologies.

The first solution to be displayed at this extravagant trade show is Monitorless, which is a pair of regular looking glasses that can help you replace your smartphone or PC monitor. These enable you to view content from these devices directly in two environments. One where you can be immersed in the experience via virtual reality mode or another augmented mode which projects the content on the surroundings. You can not only open work apps but also play games using these glasses. The video attached underneath provides you with a better look at the solution:

Relúmĭno, on the other hand, is a visual aid mobile application for Samsung Gear VR. This enables near blind and visually impaired people to read books and watch TV with “new levels of clarity”. It uses technology that basically enhances the content appearing on the user’s smartphone screen. But that’s not it. The said app has also been packed with the ability to remap blind spots and displace images to the right spot to provide an improved and affordable viewing experience.

And have you ever felt the need to visualize how a piece of furniture or interior decor will look at a certain location in your house? The same is about to become less of a chore with Samsung’s VuildUs, which includes a 360-degree depth camera and a VR-focused mobile app. Firstly, you use the 360 camera to scan your home and build a VR layout of the same. Then, run the mobile app to place 3D items, i.e furniture in your home before making the final purchase decision.

And finally, Samsung wants you to explore far-away travel destinations from the comfort of your home with traVRer. This is a 360-degree video streaming platform that enables users to relive their own real-life trips (or those recorded by others). It can also be used to visit landmarks and famous places around the world but with an essence of the surroundings — thanks to mood, noises and events captured.

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