Ahead of MWC 2017, speculations involving LG’s upcoming flagship device G6 have created quite a buzz in the market. The company recently confirmed some of the leaks in a Korean blog, thus, acquainting us with the camera specs of the device. LG G6 will sport a 13 Megapixel dual-camera on the rear in addition to the front-facing camera. The blog also announced the inclusion of a wide-angle lens on G6.

While LG G6’s front camera will feature a 100-degree field of view, the rear dual cameras will offer a wider 125-degree angle. This has been included in LG’s upcoming release to aid users to capture images in a square 1:1 ratio. The company further stated that the 125-degree angle camera resembles a human eye’s field of view.

LG previously teased G6’s massive display named as ‘Full Vision’, sporting a 2:1 display ratio.The display has been named ‘Full Vision’ as the massive resolution display fills up the front face of the smartphone entirely. Prior rumors stated that the device will be launched at MWC itself, however, fresh leaks suggest it will be unveiled at the company’s Sunday event a day before the show floor opens up. It is cited that the smartphone will be unveiled on February 26 at the company’s exclusive event to begin at 4.30pm IST.

LG G6 is not the first phone for the Korean giant to feature dual cameras. LG’s earlier attempts were LG G5 and LG V20. Both of these phones featured a 16 MP lens alongside an 8 MP shooter on the back. Though LG G6’s wide angle camera might give this smartphone an edge over the aforementioned devices.

The company also confirmed that the phone will bring in a 360-degree panorama mode, a food mode that increases color saturation, and a square camera feature which will divide the screen in two. The screen split feature will enable reviewing two pictures side by side and aid in better photography.

One of the distinctive announcements was also that of a ‘Preliminary Experiment Group.’  The group will consist a set of users in South Korea who will receive the G6 later this month ‘free of cost.’ The users will test and conduct experiments with the said device before the company rolls it out globally.

So far we’ve talked about LG’s FullVision display, Quad DAC support, dust and water resistance, reliability, and UX 6.0, though the exact specifications will be revealed this Sunday only.

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