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One of the next iPhone models could be all screen, feature a touch bar

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Apple’s next iPhone iteration is going to be pretty cool. We kind of already know that much. Tthe question now, is more about how cool than anything else. The iPhone 7 was rather generic — to be brutally honest. So everyone is expecting Apple to make up for it with a flash of brilliance.

Well, as per rumors that have made their way to us through the corridors of the web, Apple could announce three devices come September. Two of these devices could be all new versions of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus (So maybe Apple doesn’t think it did justice with the 7 either) while there would be a third, Pro model that could leave fans poverty stricken with a whooping $1000+ price tag.

We have a set of fresh rumors concerning this particular model of the iPhone and it appears as if the Pro, could have a 5.8 inch screen on it. Apple’s isn’t increasing the size of the device itself though, and the device itself is expected to have dimensions similar to the iPhone 7. However, the Cupertino giant could remove all the bezels around the screen so that the surface of the phone would be all-screen.

What’s more, and this is interesting, Apple appears to be in the mood of taking some inspiration from the Macbook Pro’s design as well. Apparently, the iPhone Pro model will have some space near the bottom of the screen that will feature virtual buttons. However, the buttons won’t be fixed and will change to reflect to the app that you currently have on your screen. Cool, right? Reminds one of the touch bar, introduced by Apple with its latest range of Macbooks.

Also, there are strong rumors that the next device could have its fingerprint sensor on the screen itself. Apple has already patented a way to embed a fingerprint sensor into the screen and considering the relevancy of the feature, this is one patent we are likely to see Apple deploy — maybe as early as this year.

Speaking of the screen, the display is likely to be significantly easier on the eyes as well. Apparently, the new screen will pack a pixel density of around 528 PPI. That is a significant upgrade even when compared to the current leaders– iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus display with 326 ppi and 401 ppi respectively — with regards to display quality. The display is also expected to be slightly taller — so expect to have to turn fewer pages while reading a book on your phone as more lines of text will squeeze into your screen.

Finally, Apple is heard to have come upon a way of stuffing more battery into the same footprint. So, the device could have a better battery life. Combine that with the fact that the company is rumored to be bringing wireless charging to the iPhone soon — why, we might just be able to keep looking at our phone screens for perpetuity.

Meanwhile, none of this is confirmed yet. And probably wont be for some time to come yet. Let’s just hope that the new iPhones are as exciting as the rumor mill is making them out to be.

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