With Parse now being non-existent from Facebook’s arsenal of products, the co-founders for the same are steadily taking the way out from the social media giant. Today, Parse co-founder James Yu has announced that he has left the company through an official post on his Facebook. He was currently working as a product manager, handling the oh-so-important 360 and VR media efforts.

James was brought onboard at the social media giant when the app development and support platform, Parse, developed by him and his team was acquired by Facebook back in 2013 for $85 million. He is leaving the company after a four-year long stint. He now plans to take a sabbatical and has cited family as the reason for leaving the social media giant. The co-founder is now looking to take a break from work and spend some time with family as well as friends.

For those unfamiliar with Parse, it is a mobile developer platform offering backend services and tools for app developers to build apps in the cloud. This is a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that allows developers to focus on enhancing the frontend design and user experience. Parse takes care of the backend services for them.

But, developers can no longer use Parse to manage the backend service of their applications. The platform held immense usefulness for small developers but support for the same has been shut down. Facebook had announced its plans to stop supporting Parse earlier last year, with the same ended on January 31 this year.

Justin WU remained a prominent part of the product development team at Parse, under Facebook. But, he was shifted and made the product manager for 360 and VR media efforts after Facebook pulled the plug on the platform. There is currently no information on who will take over Wu’s responsibilities as the company is currently focused on bulking up their video solutions.

With regards to the same, James is not the first co-founder to depart from Facebook. Earlier, one of the co-founders and CEO of Parse Ilya Sukhar had left the company to join Matrix Partners as a venture capitalist. Only one of their co-founders is now employed at the social media giant — Kevin Lacker.

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