Nasscom is India’s premier organization assisting budding startups, especially in fields of software development and computing. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) today announced the launch of a Leadership Resource Center (LRC) for India. This organization has been launched in association with IIM Bangalore and will gradually transform into Nasscom Leadership Academy over the next few years.

The Leadership Resource Center will guide future entrepreneurs and industry leaders towards building up their workaholic teams and establishing stable businesses. The center will impart knowledge with both offline and online channels and will provide differentiated leadership competencies.

IIMB will act as an education partner for LRC offering content for teaching practices. Apart from IIMB, students will also receive teachings from IT companies which will be sharing their experiences. Initially, LRC will pull in small and medium IT firms for the purpose, though target remains to be companies of all sizes across various sectors.

Announcing this initiative, Nasscom President R Chandrashekhar said,

The high level of ambiguity, uncertainty and rate of change that confronts the industry is here to stay, which is why we need a differentiated approach.

The growth in the digital world possesses a challenge of survival for young companies and early startups. Nasscom will serve as an aid to such enthusiasts helping them to explore and understand market hurdles. LRC will equip the students with the latest set of skills for making them competent according to the industry standards.

Nasscom further claims that the mentioned program is one of the very first leadership initiatives in the world that was for the industry, by the industry. In three years, LRC will strictly aim at SMEs — assisting them with economic problems and scaling difficulties for the first two years. After completion of education in mentioned areas, it would benefit sub-scale and young Global In-House Centers (GICs).

Practical training from large IT companies and GICs will also be given to the students. It will fill them with leadership insights, tools, and techniques related to managing a business. Nasscom also plans to introduce a Mentor Exchange programme in future after the successful roll out of the center.

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